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NVASeasonFull Recap of Event Three

June 20, 20210

Winless Tornadoes No Longer Winless With Upset Win Over the Ramblers 

Ramblers took an early one-point lead in the first set and then increased their lead to five points 14-9 thanks to a barrage of five straight kills by #20 Brandon Rattray. But the Tornadoes never gave up. After the media timeout the Tornadoes launched a comeback to tie the score at 20-20 from a combination of Ramblers’ errors and a kill by #18 Carlos Luna and #69 Steven Roschitz, three kills by #20 Felix Chapman and block by #13 Chike Opurum. Nevertheless, the Ramblers held on to their lead on 4 kills by Rattray and one by #24 MB Mark Lane. After a Tornado timeout at 23-21, they tied the score at 23-23 from a Chapman cross court kill and Ramblers’ hitting error, then took the lead at 24-23 from another Ramblers’ hitting error. Both teams traded points until 26-26. Then then the Ramblers’ won after a cross court kill by Rattray and kill by #15 Kevin Lopez 28-26. 

In set number two the Ramblers took the early one-point lead. Both teams sided out well and the Tornadoes managed to tie the score several times. Ramblers scored points on kills from #14 Ryan Mather, #8 Setter Michael Keegan (dump kill), #2 MB Sean Dennis, Lopez and Rattray. Tornadoes scored on kills by #11 MB Aaron King, Luna, Chapman, Roschitz and block by Roschitz. At 15-15 Tornadoes took the lead before the media timeout on a deep angle kill by Roschitz to 16-15. Both teams exchanged leads. After Rattray scored to cut the  lead to 22-21, Tornadoes called a timeout. After the timeout, Tornadoes scored on a cross court kill by Chapman and kill by Luna to lead 24-21. After a Mather block to 24-22, Tornadoes won the set 25-22 on a cross court kill by Chapman.

Tornadoes took the early lead in set number four thanks to Ramblers’ net violation and service and hitting errors. At 5-5 Tornadoes returned the favor with a run of service and hitting errors and relinquished the lead to the Ramblers at 8-7. Both teams exchanged leads until Tornadoes increased their lead 17-12 from a combination of Ramblers’ service and hitting errors and kills by Chapman, Roschitz and MB King. But the Ramblers rallied back with a scoring run from a sharp angle kill and block by Lopez, Rattray joust and sharp angle kill and tied the set 17-17. Tornadoes countered with kills by Roschitz and Chapman and block by Opurum to increase their lead to 21-17. Both teams committed service and hitting errors and Tornadoes closed out the set with a service ace by Opurum. 

In set number four the Tornadoes took the early 3-point lead on a Chapman kill off the block and two Ramblers’ hitting errors. Tornadoes kept a 4-point lead until the media timeout at 16-12 on points scored by Chapman, Roschitz middle blockers King and Opurum and service ace by #5 Sean Smith. Ramblers countered with kills by Rattray, Lopez, Keegan and #21 Kyle Radecki. After the media timeout, Ramblers tried to cut the lead with a series of kills by Rattray but fell short and only cut the lead by 2 points to 20-18. Tornadoes were able to counter the Ramblers’ rally with kills by Chapman. After a Chapman service ace at 22-18, Ramblers called a timeout. A kill by Rattray and two consecutive Tornadoes’ hitting errors cut the lead to 22-21. Tornadoes followed with a Chapman kill to 23-21 and Ramblers called a timeout. After the timeout Ramblers error gave Tornadoes match point 24-21. Tornadoes’ service error gave Ramblers an opportunity to launch a comeback but lost the match on a bump setting error 25-22. 

Tornadoes’ Felix Chapman and Ramblers’ Brandon Rattray lead all players with 24 kills each. Ramblers’ Kevin Lopez had 11 kills and Ryan Maune 10. And Tornadoes’ Roschitz had 9 kills. 


Ramblers Out Shoot Team Freedom in 5 Sets

Both teams started off sluggish and struggled to find a rhythm in their offense. Eight of the early points were scored on hitting and service errors. Team Freedom took the early lead on kills by #12 Matt Seifert, #20 Joe Norman, and double block by #11 MB Mikheil Hoyte and Norman. Ramblers scored points on kills by #14 Ryan Mather, #15 Kevin Lopez, #24 MB Mark Lane and #20 Brandon Rattray. At 19-17 two Ramblers’ service errors and one hitting error increased Team Freedom’s lead to 4 points at 22-18. Ramblers cut the lead back to 2 points on kills by #2 MB Sean Dennis and Lopez to 22-20. At 24-21 Mather scored on a service ace to 24-22. After Team Freedom called a timeout, Norman scored on a line kill for a 25-22 Team Freedom win. 

In set number two Ramblers quickly found their stride and took a 6-1 lead that started with a double block by Rattray and Lane. Followed with kills by Rattray, Lane and Mather. After Team Freedom called a timeout, Ramblers added to their lead from a Rattray bic and service ace to 9-1. Team Freedom finally scored their first clean point at 11-3 after a Norman cross court kill. For the rest of the match Team Freedom only scored 5 clean points on kills by #8 Besmir Arslani, #2 Jake Rosner, Seifert and Hoyte. Their other points came from Ramblers  hitting and service errors. Ramblers cruised the rest of the set and scored on kills by Mather, Dennis, #8 Setter Michael Keegan dump, Rattray and Lopez. The set ended on a service error by Team Freedom that gave the Ramblers a 25-17 win. 

Ramblers started off strong in set number three and took an early 2-0 lead on two consecutive kills by Mather. One cross court and the other a swipe off the block. Ramblers kept their two point lead until Team Freedom tied the score at 8-8 on kills from Norman, Seifert and Rosner. As the teams exchanged points, Ramblers held on to a 1-point lead until Team Freedom took the lead at 14-13 on a Norman swipe kill off the block. Team Freedom increased their lead before the media timeout on a Rosner block to 16-13. Ramblers attempted a rally on kills by Dennis, Rattray, and Lopez but never caught up withTeam Freedom. Team Freedom finished the set with 4 kills by Norman and a block by Seifert. The set ended on a Ramblers hitting error for a 25-19 Team Freedom win. 

The Ramblers and Team Freedom’s hitters struggled to find the court in the beginning of set number four. Each time committed four hitting and service errors. Team Freedoms other points came on kills by Seifert, Hoyte, Arslani and block by Seifert. Ramblers scored on kills by Rattray, Lopez and Mather service ace. After an 8-8 tie consecutive scores by Mather and Rattray and then Lane and Lopez gave the Ramblers a 4-point lead at 14-10. After the media timeout at 16-12 the only Team Freedom players who scored points were Rosner and Hoyte. The rest of Team Freedom’s points were scored from Ramblers’ service and hitting errors. Throughout the set Rattray was the go-to-guy for the Ramblers. Before the media timeout he had 5 kills. After the media timeout he collected 5 more kills. The other points for the Ramblers came from Mather and Dennis, who had the final kill to end the set at 25-21. 

A Ramblers’ service error gave Team Freedom the 1-0 lead. After a kill by Ramblers MB Dennis the teams exchanged points to a 4-4 tie. A Rattray kill, service ace and Team Freedom hitting error gave the Ramblers a 3-point lead. Team Freedom finally sided out on a Norman kill to 7-5. At 9-7 Ramblers scored three straight points from two Rattray kills and double block by Rattray and Dennis to increase the lead to 12-7. Team Freedom fought back and scored three straight points from Hoyte and back-to-back service aces by Norman to cut the lead to 12-10. But Norman hit his next serve out and then a Team Freedom hitting error gave the Ramblers set and match point at 14-10. Ramblers won the match on a Dennis service ace 15-10. 

For the Ramblers Brandon Rattray led all players with 24 kills, followed by Ryan Mather with 15 kills and Kevin Lopez with 14 kills. Joe Norman had 21 kills for Team Freedom. Followed by Besmir Arslani with 7 kills, Miheil Hoyte with 5 kills and Matt Seifert with 4 kills. Ramblers had 6 service aces and 8 blocks. And Team Freedom 3 service aces and 6 blocks. Ramblers scored a total of 67 points to Team Freedom’s 42 points. 


Ramblers Sweep Matadors in Last Match of the 2021 NVA Regular Season

Ramblers scored the first two points in the first set from a Matador service error and kill by #20 Brandon Rattray 2-0. Matadors scored their first clean point on a kill by # 9 Jorge Cabrera 3-2. Both teams traded points but Southern Exposure scored most of their points from Ramblers’ service and hitting errors. Meanwhile the Ramblers scored on kills by #2 Sean Dennis, #15 Kevin Lopez, #14 Ryan Mather and service ace by #8 setter Michael Keegan for a 9-8 lead. After a Lopez kill that gave the Ramblers a 13-11 lead, the Ramblers relinquished the lead to the Matadors 14-13 with a net call and two hitting errors. But the Ramblers took the lead back 19-18 after a Matadors’ hitting error. #12 Mauro Issac tied the score on a cross court kill. Ramblers scored the next three points on kills by Lopez and Rattray and Matadors hitting error to 23-20. Ramblers committed a service error to 23-21. And then won the set on back-to-back kills by Rattray 25-21.

Set number two was a mirror image of set number one with the Ramblers again taking an early lead on kills by Rattray, Mather and Lopez for a 6-5 lead. Matadors scored on two Ramblers’ service errors and kills by Cabrera and Issac. After a Rattray kill at 9-9, Matadors took the lead on a kill by #13 Carlos Serrano 11-10 and then increased their lead to 15-12 after a kill by Cabrera and block by Issac and #2 MB Brett Massetti. After the media timeout at 16-14, a Dennis block cut the lead to 16-15. Matadors answered with a kill by Cabrera. Then the Ramblers tied the score 17-17 on kills by Mather and Rattray. Ramblers tied the set again at 19-19 on another Rattray kill and then took a three point lead on a block by Lopez, Matadors’ hitting error and Rattray kill 22-19. Matadors scored their last point on a kill by Issac to 24-21. And the Ramblers won the set on a kill by Dennis 25-21. 

In set number three the Matadors scored the first point from #6 Diego Bustos. Ramblers countered with their first point from a Rattray kill for a 1-1 score. Matadors hung on to a 1 point lead on a block by #17 Jacob Vander Beek, kills by Vanderbeek and Issac. At 6-6 Ramblers took the lead on a dump kill by setter Keegan 7-6. Ramblers increased their lead to 15-12 on consecutive kills by Lopez, Dennis and Rattray. Then added to their lead on another mini run with kills by Mather, Dennis and Rattray to 18-13. Matadors cut the lead to 23-21 with a run of points that started with a Vander Beek kill, two C. Serrano service aces and an Issac kill. Matadors surrendered the next point to the Ramblers on a service error. On the next point Matadors scored on a block by #18 Gabriel Cruz to 24-22. Ramblers won the set and match on the next point from a Mather kill 25-22. 

Brandon Rattray led all players with 18 kills, followed by Ryan Mather 10 kills and Kevin Lopez 9 kills. Ontario Matadors were led by Mauro Issac with 8 kills, Jorge Cabrera 6 kills, Carlos Serrano 5 kills and Jesus Serrano, Brett Massetti, Jacob Vander Beek and Gabriel Cruz with 2 kills each. Ramblers also scored on 2 service aces and 2 blocks. And Matadors on 4 service aces and 5 blocks. 


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